Many professionals and individuals today are opting to live in smaller spaces. From small apartments to tiny homes, living in smaller spaces can be more economic to set-up and maintain. During the warm summer months in Forney, Texas, having a small mini-split ductless AC unit is a great way to keep your small living space nice and cool.

What Is a Mini-Split?

A mini-split is an air-conditioning unit that does not rely on extensive ducting that needs to be run through the entire home, as in traditional central air conditioning. Mini-splits are independent units that sit outside the building or room that is being cooled. On the inside is a smart-looking air-handler unit. This is connected from the outside to the inside with conduit that holds the cables, lines, and refrigerant hose. Mini-splits are easily controlled with a remote control.

Who Should Have a Mini-Split?

Mini-splits are perfect for those who live in small apartments, small portable homes, or granny units. Mini-splits are excellent ways to cool off bonus rooms and home gyms. They are also useful in larger homes that have rooms that do not need cooling. Just install a mini-split in the rooms or zones that need cooling. No need to cool off the whole house! Mini-splits are also a good option to add to a room that may need additional cool air, such as a hot kitchen or sunroom.

How Can It Make My Home More Energy Efficient?

You can reduce energy bills by simply cooling off only the rooms that need it. You will only be using electricity for specific rooms or areas instead of wasting energy on rooms that do not need cooling. For a small living space, you may only need the small cooling unit to feel comfortable. You can always have just the right temperature with a mini-split air conditioner.

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