You take good care of the HVAC system in your University Park, Texas, home. But even with routine maintenance, sometimes your equipment requires professional attention. Here are five scenarios that are best left to the experts.

An Increased Bill

If you get an unusually large utility bill, consider whether there were any periods of extreme weather that caused you to run your HVAC system more than usual. If that wasn’t the case, there could be an issue with your system that’s causing it to use too much energy.

Performance Declines

If your system isn’t cooling as it should, it’s taking too long to get to a comfortable temperature, or the system is running longer than normal, there could be a problem in your system. The cause could be as simple as a dirty filter, or it could be a more complex refrigerant problem.

Strange Sounds

You shouldn’t hear unusual noises when your HVAC system cycles on and off. If you do, these noises could indicate a problem. Your system should generally run relatively quietly, with only a few sounds to indicate the system is running. But if you hear loud humming, pops or high-pitched squeals, have a trained professional come out for an evaluation.

Emits Burning Smells

The only time you should ever detect a burning smell is at the beginning of the winter season when you turn on your heat for the first time — this is just normal dust burning off. If you smell burning plastic or any other unusual smell, shut down your system immediately and call in a professional. It could be a bad electrical component or frayed wires.

When you notice a change in the way your HVAC system operates, it’s always a smart move to call us at 972-564-9785. Our experts at Willard Heating and Air Conditioning are available at all times of the day and night to inspect your HVAC unit and ensure it’s working properly and safely.

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