As a homeowner, you don’t have to choose between comfort and savings. With the right equipment, you can keep comfortable year-round while keeping more money in your pocket. For many Dallas residents, that means investing in a new high-efficiency heat pump. Whether you’re replacing old equipment or planning new construction, a new heat pump offers a number of tantalizing benefits.

Multi-Stage Compressors

One of the biggest problems with traditional HVAC systems is that they tend to produce noticeable temperature swings. That’s because they simply run at full capacity until the thermostat reaches its set temperature. The air warms or cools quickly, but these systems sometimes “overshoot” the setpoint by several degrees. Once the system shuts off, temperatures may quickly swing back in the other direction.

A multi-stage compressor solves this problem by allowing your heat pump to adjust its output capacity as needed. When conditions warrant, the system can provide comfort quickly by operating at full capacity. Whenever there’s less demand, however, the compressor limits its output to conserve energy and provide more gradual heating or cooling. This leads to more accurate temperature control, greater comfort and less wasted energy.

Variable Speed Blowers

As with compressors, the blower motors in most older HVAC systems are only capable of operating at a single speed. Every time these systems turn on, they flood your home with as much air as they’re capable of moving. That’s great when you need to cool off in a hurry, but it doesn’t provide much flexibility.

The most efficient and effective heat pumps moderate the amount of air they produce by employing variable speed motors. In addition to more precise temperature management, this variable airflow also more effectively controls humidity levels. These heat pumps can run longer at lower capacities, allowing them to remove more moisture without wasting energy.

Living in Dallas presents some serious challenges when it comes to indoor climate control. Fortunately, a quality HVAC system can help you feel comfortable regardless of the weather outside. Learn more about Willard Heating and Air Conditioning’s AC installation services or call (972) 564-9785.

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