Building a Highland Park, Texas, home is sometimes daunting. With so many decisions to make and so much to trust contractors with, new home construction can be overwhelming. However, it’s important to choose a reputable contractor to install your HVAC system and its ductwork, since heating and cooling account for most utility costs. When building a new home, you don’t want your HVAC contractor making any of these common ductwork mistakes.

Problems Caused by Bad Ductwork

Ductwork that’s installed incorrectly creates hot and cold spots throughout your home. You’ll experience stuffy, stale air because of poor airflow. Additionally, improper ducts allow air pressure differences that lead to slammed doors or distracting noises. Poor ductwork also causes your air conditioner to work harder and run longer. This undue stress leads to costly repairs and a shorter life for your air conditioner.

Ductwork that’s less than superior allows dust, allergens, and other pollutants to enter your home. It can lead to mildew and mold growth too, creating health concerns for you and your family. Inadequate ductwork installation also decreases energy efficiency by leaking cold air, which increases the workload for your system and raises your energy bill.

Common Ductwork Mistakes

Some ductwork installers will choose the wrong size ducts without considering the air conditioning system and its location, different cooling needs in different areas, or the materials used. Placing a new air conditioner too far from parts of the home will cause the system to work harder to get cooled air into all rooms, or the rooms will not be adequately heated or cooled.

Ductwork with numerous or sharp turns decreases the amount of cool air circulating throughout the house. Also, ducts that aren’t properly supported or sealed leak cold air into walls or spaces that don’t need air conditioning.

Builders turn to our service technicians to ensure every new home has the best ductwork possible. We’ll work with your contractor, or with you, to develop the most efficient ductwork design for your home. Give Willard Heating and Air Conditioning a call at (972) 564-9785 today.

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