Have you ever noticed water dripping through a little pipe on the side of your house? In warm, humid areas like Dallas, your air conditioner collects many pints of water each day. Normally, this moisture, which is called condensate, trickles into a collection pan under the evaporator coils. Then, it flows through a pipe that drains the water into your yard. If you have a split system with an indoor air handler, the evaporator components are inside your home. In this case, drainage issues might cause water damage. To avoid major problems, check the condensate drainpipe periodically.

Reasons Why You Need to Check the Condensate Line

  • Algae and mold thrive in damp areas like the condensate drain. Eventually, these organisms will clog the drainpipe. Then, water could back up inside your house.
  • Moisture could damage your ceilings and drywall if the pan overflows. These problems are more likely to occur when the evaporator coils are located in your attic or on the main floor./li>
  • Water might pool on the floor and seep through your crawl space. Check the area around your air handler for signs of leaks.
  • Prolonged water exposure can damage the coils and drain pan. These components are sensitive to rust and corrosion.

Because the drain line is controlled by gravity, the condensate pan needs to be tilted toward the outlet pipe. Otherwise, water will pool in other areas before it reaches the drain. Sometimes, a pump is needed to move the water in the right direction. Clogs also affect this pump and cause overflows.

Maintaining Your AC Unit and Checking the Condensate Line

While your air conditioner is running, water should continuously trickle out of the drainpipe. Throughout the cooling season in Dallas, it’s wise to check the condensate drain every month. To avoid problems, have your Willard Heating and Air Conditioning technician flush the drain during your spring tuneup. You can learn more about these AC maintenance recommendations by calling (972) 564-9785 or by checking out our air conditioning services online.

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