If your University Park, Texas, home has a forced-air HVAC system, this system relies on ductwork to deliver heat and air conditioning throughout your home. But leaky ductwork can undermine all of your best efforts to keep your home comfortable. Find out how duct sealing can help distribute air conditioning and heating evenly in your home, improve indoor air quality, and boost your HVAC system’s performance.

Evenly Distribute Air Conditioning and Heating Throughout Your Home

Are you always dealing with rooms that are either too warm during the summer or chilly during the winter? Gaps or leaks in ductwork can cause this uneven cooling and heating inside your home. Duct sealing can correct leaky ductwork and more evenly distribute conditioned warm and cool air throughout your home.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Leaky ducts are magnets for attracting dust, airborne particles, and other indoor air pollutants that can collect in and around registers and vents in your home. Duct sealing helps eliminate areas of ductwork that invite infiltration by dust. When you reduce the amount of indoor air pollutants inside your home, you can work to improve your home’s indoor air quality.

Boost Your HVAC System’s Performance

Leaky ductwork isn’t simply an annoyance; it can waste your home’s energy resources as well. When conditioned air can’t reach its intended destination, your HVAC system is forced to work harder to attempt to deliver that air where it’s needed. By sealing leaky ductwork, you can boost your HVAC system’s performance and your own home comfort. When properly sealed, your home’s ductwork can guide air conditioning and heating to the exact places in your home where you need it.

Willard Heating and Air Conditioning is pleased to help University Park, Texas, homeowners who have problems with leaky ductwork. Our service technicians can seal ductwork using a process called Aerosealing. To learn more about Aerosealing or to schedule a personal assessment of your home’s ductwork, call one of our duct-sealing experts today at (972) 564-9785.

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