You’re quite the energy-efficiency guru in your neighborhood in Garland, Texas. Your neighbors even come to you for advice on how to cut utility costs and reduce energy waste. There’s one more thing, however, that many homeowners don’t realize could be the key to having the energy efficiency they have always wanted. Thanks to unique technology that relies on the constancy of the earth, geothermal cooling can kick your energy efficiency up a notch.

How Geothermal Cooling Works

Geothermal heating and cooling systems offer high energy efficiency thanks to their unique designs. Most traditional heating and cooling systems include a separate furnace and air conditioner that exchange heat with the air in order to reach the temperature set by your thermostat. Heat pumps differ in that they can function as both a heating and cooling system in one unit.

However, most traditional heat pumps still exchange heat with the air, which can be an inefficient process since the air’s temperature fluctuates from one extreme to another throughout the year (and sometimes from day to day). Instead of exchanging heat with the air, geothermal heat pumps use an underground pipe system to exchange heat with the earth.

How Geothermal Systems Are So Energy Efficient

The fluctuation of temperature makes the air an inefficient medium with which to exchange heat. Its lack of reliability forces traditional air conditioners and heat pumps to work harder to maintain comfort in the home. The temperature of the earth a few feet below the ground is relatively constant throughout the year, which means exchanging heat with the soil is far more efficient than exchanging with the air. Thanks to their technology, geothermal heat pumps can provide reliable energy efficiency no matter what the temperature above-ground may be.

Geothermal heating and cooling is nothing new, but innovation has allowed us to get the most of what the earth has to offer. To see how geothermal energy efficiency can benefit you and your family, call Willard Heating and Air Conditioning at (972) 564-9785.

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